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So here is my life update

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 3, 2016, 1:12 PM

Number one; okay, my mom's been in the hospital since Sunday morning with major abdominal pain. I'm not sure if I said the cause before. but my mom had a major surgery that took place over a year ago. Since the universe hates her, she has been dealing with several complications from said surgery, since her stomach is a hot mess anyway, and the two mixtures have sent it into a world of hell, it has been causing unexplainable pain, mimicking major problems, like appendicitis, kidney infection, bowel obstruction, etc. Well. Saturday night, she was in a world of pain, and it only got worse as the night went on, and into sunday morning, she finally said enough was enough, and she was admitted. 

So far they have tested for everything under the sun, yet nothing. if the next two test come back negative, they're going in on probably friday at the earliest. which means she will be in there for a few more days. So far they have a couple ideas as to what is causing it, but no definite answers. So as of right now, it's a waiting game. 

Number two; the first was my 3 years with the best man I could ever ask for. Can't believe I found someone who will put up with my shenanigans XD 

Number three; my phone is slowly become a butthead. 
The other day, it died spontaneously at 10%, and after that, nothing would work right on it. So I restored my phone. After the restoration, it seemed fine. Well... Last night, the whole thing froze! it wouldn't respond to ANYTHING! (It was at 25%.) I held the power button, and it would respond. I put it on the charger, and then it lit up. the power button STILL wouldnt respond! There is this message it gives when you hold the power button  that tells you how to reset it via button. It would go away til I hit the volume button, even after i did that, STILL didn't respond. I was able to touch the screen, and when i did that, i hit the power button ONE more time, then it decided to respond. I mean, I've had it have a minor delay from pressing the lock/power button and it not light up, but that was a legitimate problem right there! (plus my facebook app refuses to work, but that's the least of my problems). 

Number four; I've been thinking about getting a cintiq tablet. cuz MMH THAT SCREEN! but SHIT they're over $2000. the best alternative would be an intuos medium or large. (either that or spend my freaking tax return on corsets. my mom were going nuts looking at all the corsets on this one site we go to. TORENFAIRE!) i'll continue to think about this major investment.... but i don't exactly need a new tablet. although my current tablet is almost 4 years old, i do not exactly NEED a new one. It just would be nice LOL 

Number five; I didn't want to say anything because my family talks a lot and things to not step in the directions being said; but eventually we are moving. in a few years at the least. This is a big thing for me, because this town is MY HOME. my mom has never moved; she never had a reason to. She has always said, her whole life was spent moving from place to place, she never intended to do that to us. She wanted to give us a place called home. Well, she did a good job, cuz i don't wanna go XD but at the same time.... it would be nice, because our home town is getting worse by the years. I'm afraid to step out my door at night to take out the trash because of the kind of people living in the area. I mean, i personally have never been attacked or threatened by someone in the area, but I have been with my mom and someone has come up to our house harassing us. the store i worked at was robbed, the place next to that was robbed, the place across the street too!!! The people living around the store are just.. not right. and of course it's backflow from the place 20 minutes from us that has a rep of having a drug deal on every freaking corner, and having people shot in broad daylight.. it's like an obtuse triangle of all of these bad rep places, and then there we are, smack dab in the middle of it, the little unknown part of the world. cvxcghjkl but i feel like Delaware is no better.... I've been to Delaware. I worked one day in each of our district's delaware stores... I've seen some scary shit!!! I've witnessed shoplifting at its finest, an almost literal fist fight over a 3 foot line. and that was within the first few hours!!! just a little scary for me. 

last, number six; pretty much, I'm trying my best with staying active, i really am. I've been having back pain recently, and I feel EXTREMELY unmotivated. at this point, i'm not sure what will pick up my motivation. if you have any ideas, shoot them by me. (Just note, i've tried drawing challenges, but ADD prevents me from completing them. I have coloring books, but i get extremely bored easy. I recently even tried finding old pictures to draw, but nothing is catching me. I just need help XD) 

Again, any ideas, let me know. 

I guess that's it, that's how exciting my life has been. go figure :shrug:

Please check out my facebook page; links at the top and bottom of this journal.
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